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Looking for a smart way to donate surplus food?

You just found it.



Access valuable metrics about your donations at no cost. We measure the types and amounts of food you recover, the number of meals you provide in the community, while also showing the equivalent greenhouse gases emissions averted, as a result of your good will.


Find peace-of-mind by removing donation concerns, as reviews recipient organizations on your behalf to confirm proper food safety measures are in place.


Make donating surplus food a part of your everyday business activities. It’s just good business any way you look at it. 

Reduce your environmental
impact while supporting
your community.

If you’re thinking of joining, don’t hesitate. Awesome people and amazing platform for spreading accessible nutrition to those in need! Highly recommend @foodrescueca!

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Who can donate?

Any food business - grocers, retailers, restaurateurs, coffee/tea house purveyors, caterers, hotels, bakers, butchers, farms, growers, manufacturers, distributors.



The bottom line.

Save on tipping fees and tell better stories about supporting your local community by donating surplus food instead of throwing it out. Not a bad idea, huh?



HOW IT WORKS connects your surplus food directly to social service organizations who will put it to great use. Your donations support community initiatives, such as snacks for children's after-school programs, meals for seniors, food for shelters and drop-in centres.


  • Food businesses register here to become a member Food Donor
  • Donate food by entering details of surplus food available, along with the location and pickup time
  • Not-for-profit organizations apply and are screened to confirm food safety practices are in place
  • matches your donations to the most suitable organizations in your area
  • You'll receive notices when Rescuers have agreed to pick up as you have specified
  • Access your account at any time to view current donations and pull reports that suit your needs


Download the steps to become a Food Donor (PDF)


Let's make sure 
good food 
gets eaten. 


Got Questions? Check out these FAQs

Where is available?
What should food businesses know about donating food?
Who receives donated food?
What type of food can be donated?
Are there donation size limits?
Is any food not rescued?
Is there anything else our business needs to do to donate food?


It really helps us a lot to give away surplus food and we are glad to be doing it!

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The Ontario Donation of Food Act protects businesses from liability when donating food in good will.


Download the steps to becoming a Food Donor with


Gain a better understanding of when foods can be donated! Refer to this handy guide and share with staff.


As Chair of the Food Working Group with NZWC, our own Lori Nikkel helped in the development of Guidelines to Minimize Wasted Food and Facilitate Food Donations.  
Download here


Our goal is to to improve our environmental impact by diverting good, surplus food from going to landfill through supporting perishable food recovery which can provide immediate hunger relief.




Smart. Simple. Local.


Terms and Conditions for Food Donors

To ensure everyone's peace-of-mind, we ask both Donors and Recipient organizations to agree to Terms and Conditions of using Please click the link above to download a copy of these Terms before completing the application. If you have any questions, please contact us.