Become a Food Rescuer

Let us help you access more food.


Your organization's food programs can flourish with greater access to fresh, nutritious food.

We can all reduce our environmental impact by rescuing good, edible food instead of throwing it away.

That's why we built this system just for you. is a free, online tool that offers the flexibility for

any organization to rescue

any kind of food,

from any type of food business,

any time you need it.


Through we can access items like yoghurt and juice that we usually don’t have the budget to provide.
Our clients and cooks are loving it!

CEO, Monarch Recovery Services




Use rescued food to offset program costs. Access valuable data on the amount of food rescued, equivalent meals provided by your programs, and the resulting positive environmental impact.

SIMPLE. does the hard work of locating food and everyone gains peace-of-mind that food safety standards are met.



Create stronger community connections through a network of local donors. Improve established relationships by measuring your rescues, together.







HOW IT WORKS is a free and easy way for food businesses and non-profit organizations to connect, schedule and track food donations.



  • Food businesses and non-profit organizations create a free profile
  • Additional locations and users can be added to the account
  • Businesses can make single donations or set up recurring pick-up schedules
  • Notices with donation details are sent to local non-profit organizations
  • These organizations select donations that they're interested in and go pick them up
  • Donors are notified when their donation has been selected by a recipient organization
  • The dashboard lists your donation history and showcases the positive social and environmental impact you make through using
  • Access your account at any time to view your dashboard and manage donations

We can help you
find good food.


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